Business consulting

We help to understand and enter the markets of Lithuanian and other Baltic countries, find partners, clients, get necessary permits and certificates. Our experience and market knowledge help to evaluate business opportunities, find necessary contacts, start your activities in the market.
We will help you to:

  • Understand the local market

  • Develop a market strategy

  • Find partners and customers

  • Reach decision makers

  • Be properly represented

Outstaffing & Outsourcing

To facilitate your daily activities and implementation of specific projects we can offer highly qualified staff according to your requirements:
  • Project managers

  • Construction managers

  • Engineers

  • Supervisors

  • System testers

  • Translators

  • Assistants

  • Managers

  • Administrative staff

Project management

We provide project management services or help your team to manage infrastructure, industrial and energy projects in Lithuania. We will help you complete your projects on budget and on schedule.
We specialize in the following industries:

  • Railways infrastructure and traffic management

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Airports infrastructure

  • Defense

  • Energy sector

Engineering services and maintenance

Our engineers and technicians help you find the best solutions to meet your customers’ expectations. Implement solutions and ensure their technical maintenance after the project completion.
  • Design

  • Install

  • Configure

  • Test

  • Maintain

  • Repair

Purchasing consolidation and supply

We help to carry out local large and small purchases of goods and services, supply control, and representation of your interests. We ensure the process transparency and accountability.

We can ensure smooth purchasing and supply of:

  • Construction and electrical materials

  • Equipment

  • Tools and machinery

  • Transport

  • Work safety measures

  • Office supply

Technical translation services

Industry specific translation services. From software to engineering, our translation services are perfectly adapted to your content.

The following are examples of technical documents that we frequently translate:

  • Technical manuals

  • Users Guides

  • System requirement documents

  • Safety reports

  • Certificates

  • Tender documents

  • Data sheets

Assistance in the field of public procurement

Public procurement regulations, as well as the respective national implementation impose strict guidelines to ensure open, fair and transparent conditions of competition. Our knowledge, experience, and an efficient project management will help you to plan, coordinate and successfully participate in complex public procurement tenders.

Tailored solutions

Each customer, market, industry, project needs individual approach. Contact us and we will deliver you tailored solution.

Need a personalized solution?

Each market, industry, project needs individual approach. Contact us and we will deliver you tailored solution.

How we can help?
Our team is qualified in a wide range of specific industries including railway infrastructure, traffic management, rolling stock, power transmission and distribution, airports infrastructure, industrial and commercial construction, manufacturing and installation of metal structures, maintenance of industrial equipment and other  related industries.
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